Eyelash Extensions


We use the antibacterial eyelashes and certified glue. During the operation, no worry about the glue will irritate your eyes, we use safety products and the process is very comfortable. (Only about 1% people have very very sensitive eyes and they may feel uncomfortable during the operation, if so please tell us then we will stop it immediately.) For the whole process, you just need to relaxed close your eyes and enjoy the process. We apply the extension one by one on your own eyelashes. After the operation, do not touch the water, take the sauna or go swimming within 24 hrs. Never use the oil-base product for cleaning. That will helps the eyelash extension more long-lasting.

Eyelash Extensions Menu

  • Classic Eyelashes
  • Classic Full Eyelash Extensions ($198)
  • New Customer Refills ($118)
  • 7 --10 Days Refills ($55)
  • Two Weeks Refills ($65)
  • Three Weeks Refills ($75)
  • Four Weeks Refills ($85)
  • Flat Eyelashes
  • Flat Full Set Eyelash Extensions($218)
  • Flat Two Weeks Refills($75)
  • Flat Three Weeks Refills($85)
  • Flat Four Weeks Refills($95)
  • Volume Eyelashes
  • Volume Full Set Eyelash Extensions($288) 3 hrs
  • Volume Refill($168) 2 hrs
  • Volume Refill【light】($118) 80 mins
  • Lower Eyelashes
  • Lower Eyelash Extensions($45)
  • With Full Set Lower Eyelash Extensions($35)
  • Male Eyelashes
  • Male Classic Full Set($158)
  • Male Tinting($25)
  • Removal
  • Eyelash Removal【light】 ($20)
  • Eyelashes Removal($35)
  • Volume Lashes Removal($50)